Friday, November 28, 2014

Recital Theme: Summer Fun!


Once I Caught a Fish, Nancy Faber, Hal Leonard# HL00420060
Swimming with Dolphins, Diane Hidy, KJOS#MP1004


Batter Up!, Louise Garrow, Alfred# FDPS00022
Blue King Crab, Linda Lybeck-Robinson, Hal Leonard# HL00114553
Camp Out, Mary Hauber, Alfred# 38992
Night Sounds, Melody Bober, Alfred# 40628
On a Sandy Beach, Edna Mae Burnham, Hal Leonard# HL00416055
On a Summer Sea, Ketterer, Hal Leonard# HL00412114
collection 'Sea Life', by Telfer, KJOS# WP500Sea Song from collection 'Grand Solos for Piano, Book 1', by Bober, Alfred# 30109
Seascape, by Palmer, Alfred# 2285
Summertime Solos, Claudette Hudelson, Hal Leonard# HL00416482


Bat That Ball!, Wynne-Anne Rossi, Alfred# 39432
Chasing Fireflies, Robert Vandall, Alfred# 34298
The Crab, by Cox, Alfred# 88247
Dreaming by a Quiet Sea, Greenleaf, FJH# W9089
The Hermit Crab Cha-Cha-Cha, Kevin Olson, FJH# W9013
The Ice Cream Truck, Sallee, Alfred# 25478
If I Lived Under the Sea, Carol Matz, FJH# S4027
Let's Celebrate Summer Book 1, McArthur & Matz, Alfred# 21395
Let's Play Baseball!, McArthur & Matz, Alfred# 22433
Little Sand Bug, June Montgomery, Alfred# 21333
Nate's Up to Bat, Martha Mier, Alfred# 26289
The Ocean Deep (for right hand or left hand alone), by Massoud, Alfred# 18991
One of a Kind Solos, Book 1 (collection) - pieces 'Sparklers in the Night' and 'Banana Popsicle', Wynne-Anne Rossi, Alfred# 42374
Piano Recital Showcase - Summertime Fun, multi-composer, Hal Leonard# HL00296831
Racing Seahorses, Garrow, Alfred# FDPS00054
Sand Castles, Setliff, Hal Leonard#
Sea Breezes, by Perdew, Alfred# 88020
Seahorse Serenade, Carolyn Setliff, Hal Leonard# HL00416728
Song of the Sea, Kevin Olson, FJH# W9055
Summer Vacation, Bastien, KJOS# WP1067
Summer Waltz, Rosemary Hughey, Hal Leonard# HL00406885
The Sun Comes Up, Timothy Brown, FJH# W9338
A Sunny Day, Melody Bober, FJH# W9071
Sun Fiesta, Bastien, KJOS# WP1070
Sunshine Song, Lynn Freeman Olson, Hal Leonard# HL00405832
Watermelon Sunset, Randall Hartsell, Hal Leonard# HL00416785


At the Seashore Volume 1 (collection), Bruce Berr, FJH# FJH1276
Beach Salsa, Betsy Homer-Jackson, FJH# S4152
Echoes of Summers Past, Randall Hartsell, Hal Leonard# HL00405562
Feelin' Good, Robert Vandall, Alfred# 30582
Fun in the Sun from collection 'Just for Fun Book 1', Melody Bober, FJH# FJH1337
Hazy, Lazy Days, Dennis Alexander, Alfred# 20755
Let's Celebrate Summer Book 2, McArthur & Matz, Alfred# 21396
On the Lake, Robert Vandall, Alfred# 881267
School's Out!, Maureen May, FJH# S4161
Summer Breeze, Carolyn Miller, Hal Leonard# HL00406544
Summer Daze (collection), Barbara Harry, Alfred# ELM01036A
Summer Fun, Carolyn Miller, Hal Leonard# HL00405699
Summer Wind, George Tingley, Hal Leonard# HL00405892
Sunflower Serenade, Claudette Hudelson, Hal Leonard# HL00406799
Sunset Over the Sea, Glenda Austin, Hal Leonard# HL00406220
Sunshine Spectacular, Randall Hartsell, Hal Leonard# HL00416913
Water Slide, Melody Bober, Alfred# 40632
Wipe Out, Arr Bober, Alfred# 28434


At Summer's End, Randall Hartsell, Hal Leonard# HL00405434
At the Seashore Volume 2 (collection), Bruce Berr, FJH# FJH1277
Beach Buggie Boogie from collection 'Jazz, Rags and Blues Book 2', Martha Mier, Alfred# 6643
Calm Sea, David Karp, Hal Leonard# HL00406511
Caribbean Surf, Margaret Goldston, Alfred# 14278
Crackerjacks, Demarest, Alfred# 22412
Ice Cream Sweet, a Delicious Suite (collection), Claudette Hudelson, Hal Leonard# HL00416727
Sailing the Sea, Mary Leaf, FJH# W9241
Storm at Sea, Nehrenberg, FJH# S4154
Summer Ballad, Catherine Rollin, Alfred# 14279
Summer Shadows, Marjorie Burgess, Hal Leonard# HL00405242
Summer Toccatina, Robert Vandall, Alfred# 88801
Summer Vacation, Catherine Rollin, Alfred#16609 
Summertime Blues, Glenda Austin, Hal Leonard# HL00406263
Sun Chaser, Kevin Brown, FJH# W9111
Sun on the Sand, Edna Mae Burnham, Hal Leonard# HL00416084
Warm Summer Wind, Glenda Austin, Hal Leonard# HL00406150


Ancient Face of the Sun, Mary Dolen, KJOS# WP1109
Sea Nocturne, Glenda Austin, Hal Leonard #HL00405171
Sea Tempest, Randall Hartsell, Hal Leonard# HL00416844
Sea Voyage, Mary Leaf, FJH# W9209
Sonatina in Seasons, Movement 'Summer Vacation', Kevin Olson, FJH# FJH1252
Summer Fiesta, Melody Bober, Hal Leonard# HL00406047
Summer in the Park, David Karp, Hal Leonard# HL00406073
Summer Memories, Bastien, KJOS# WP1094
Summer Portraits (collection), Kevin Costley, FJH2020
Summer Romance, Melody Bober, Alfred# W9011
Summer Sonatina, Bastien, KJOS# GP201
Summer's End, Victoria Labenske, Alfred# 22402
Summer's Nocturne, Catherine Rollin, Alfred# 5466
Toward the Rising Sun, Randall Hartsell, Hal Leonard# HL00405346
What I Did Last Summer, Kevin Olson, FJH# FJH1129
Wipe Out, arr. Matz, Alfred# 28435


On a Summer's Night, WT Skye Garcia, FJH# S4108
A Song for Summer, Dan Coates, Alfred# 36168
Sea Pieces, Opus 55, MacDowell, Alfred# 2641
Sea Winds, Melody Bober, FJH# W9158
Summer Evening, David Karp, FJH# W9400
Sunshine Jamboree, Martha Mier, Alfred# 22415
Warm Summer Rain, Mary Leaf, FJH# W9206


Appalachian Summer, Geoffrey Carrol, Hal Leonard# HL00405369, Advanced
Gone Fishin', Carol Klose, Hal Leonard# HL00296312, Elementary
In Sunny Fields, Beryl Joyner, Hal Leonard# HL00413998, Late Elementary
Little Sunshine, David Karp, Hal Leonard# HL00405964, Late Elementary
Reflections of Summer, Fiess, Alfred# 881457, Late Elementary
Roller Coaster Ride from collection "In Recital Duets Volume 1', FJH# FJH1610, Early Elementary
Sparklers, Robert Vandall, Alfred# 881344, Late Elementary
Summer Dreams, Ann Beach, Ed. Weekley & Arganbright, KJOS# WP364, Intermediate 
Summer Face in G, Ikeda, Hal Leonard# HL00416571, Intermediate


A Summer Sun, Mildred Adair, Hal Leonard# HL00410633, Elementary


This post has some great snack ideas for a summer themed party, like the shot above, using beach buckets for snacks (also has some good ideas for decorations!)

This Ocean in a Cup would make a good beach-themed snack!
This post has some more wonderful ideas for a beach-themed dessert table! (and more good decoration ideas)
Seriously, how cool is this invitation?

There's nothing wrong with the classics, like snow cones or popcorn, or even hot dogs!

Take advantage of all the lovely ripe fresh fruit in the summertime. Skewer it so that it's self contained and easier to eat!

This pool noodle garland is SO COOL:

There are so many ideas you can go with for a summer-themed celebration!



The 4th of July is in the summer! What about some patriotic decorations?

Here is an adorable little favor idea:

Also, watermelons!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sheet Music Crafting Extravaganza!

We decided to do a little something special for our Christmas window decorations at the store this year, so I was let loose with a glue gun and a ton of old sheet music. A few people have asked for tutorials, so here are some links! Just FYI, the photos are shots of my finished product. I have included a note with my thoughts, as a casual craft-er, on the level of difficulty:

PAPER SNOWFLAKES (link takes you to tutorial) 
Difficulty level: easy! Just some cutting and taping. These are resting on the window boxes, but they can also be hung.

FOLDED BIRDHOUSE (link takes you to tutorial)
Difficulty: easy, and fairly fast to make. Mine aren't as full as the ones in the tutorial, because those are made with about 200 pages, and there weren't a lot of 200+ page books in my stack of old music. Still, I think they're pretty and a nice little decorative touch.

PAPER STAR WREATH (link takes you to tutorial)
Difficulty: pretty easy. I used the cover to an old book as the cardboard backing for this, but you might want to use something stronger if you want to actually hang it. 

ORIGAMI KUSUDAMA STAR *sort of* (link takes you to tutorial)
Difficulty: Seriously, it's not that hard, but I managed to mess up the step where you glue them together. Please don't let my inept crafting turn you off of this project, it's actually quite nice when done correctly. 

PAPER LOVE BIRDS (link takes you to tutorial)
Difficulty: fairly easy! These are my favorite of everything I made, and seem to be a favorite of others, as well. Also, THEY ARE SO CUTE. Really, I don't know why you're still reading this, get thee to the website and make one. 

BOOK PAGE FLOWER (link takes you to tutorial)
Difficulty: Again, fairly easy. The petal cutting gets a little tedious, but you're probably not as impatient as I am. A template for the petals is provided. Also, the author of the template suggests using grill skewers for stems, but I used drinking straws and pencils. The drinking straws held up surprisingly well to the hot glue and the weight of the finished flower, so kudos to Subway for having some super strong straws.

PAPER PINE TREE (link takes you to tutorial)
Difficulty: This thing, you guys. THIS. THING. There's about 8 hours of time invested in it, because I went insane and overboard and used 20 pieces of each size of paper (starting at 8x8 and decreasing in size by a half inch down to an 1.5 inches) and the silly thing is over two feet tall and leans like the tower of Pisa. The dowel I used would have worked fine if the whole thing was shorter, as I believe it is supposed to be. I am thankful for my co-worker who took pity on me (since I was whining about all the time and effort I put into it) and made it stand up straight by affixing it to the ceiling with fishing line. 

CURLY PAPER TREE (link takes you to tutorial)
Difficulty: Fairly easy. I burned myself on hot glue SO MANY TIMES in the course of making this, but that is probably just me, and you'll be perfectly fine.

FANCY PAPER FLOWER (link takes you to tutorial)
Difficulty: fairly easy. I didn't use a fancy geometric paper cutter tool. I just eyeballed a circle on some cardboard, eyeballed the inner circles, impatiently cut out the suggested 50 petals (then later had to cut out about 20 more because I don't follow directions well), starting gluing and hoped for the best. I made this after I made the curly paper tree, and between the two I racked up some pretty impressive hot glue burns. Be careful, is all I'm saying. 

BIRD TEMPLATE (link takes you to post that contains printable template)
I used the same birds to make the hanging birds in the window, and the ornaments on the Christmas tree.
Difficulty: Easy.

TINY TARDIS PRINTABLE TEMPLATE (link takes you to template)
Difficulty: Pretty easy, particularly if you don't bother with the complicated exact-o knife tab cutting and just hot glue the sucker together. 

PAPER BOW (link takes you to tutorial)
Difficulty: Easy.

CUTOUT PAPER BOW (link takes you to Pinterest photo tutorial)
Difficulty: Easy.

Some photos of the window displays:

that's an old player piano roll of 'Joy to the World' between the two stars, there

the large wrapped gift is kind of hiding a bunch of power cables and a mixer

Happy crafting!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Concertos in stock!

I ordered a BUNCH of early level concertos, and they are now here, so come on down and browse!

Friday, September 19, 2014

How I Work: Megan Andzulis

If forced to attempt to sum up Megan in one word, it would probably be "delightful", although there are many other words - talented, brilliant, kind, efficient, to name but a few - that would work, as well. Megan is half of a music teacher husband-and-wife team, and her equally delightful and talented husband Victor was featured here before. 

Meet the delightful Megan Andzulis, and let's learn about how she teaches.

Jobs You Hold: I teach piano and flute full-time at home, at Olive School of Performing Arts, and Gulf Breeze School of Music. I also have the opportunity to teach Kindermusik to little ones and their mommies/grandmas! Does "dog mommy" count as a job?? :)

Studio Setup: I try and keep my studio areas bright and cheery. I am a visual person so this is clearly seen in my learning spaces. Our home studio is in the back of our home in a room full of windows! We just recently purchased a small grand piano from Dollarhide's which fits beautifully in that room! (And my students are in love with it.) We are continuing to use our digital keyboard for composing/app work. One of my favorite pieces in my studio is a whiteboard which has an inspiring musical quote on it each month. It is a good reminder for me and my students why we work hard on music!

Devices you use in your studio:  If you were to ask my students, they would tell you my favorite device is my metronome. ;) My ipad is a VITAL part of every lesson. It is used for games, worksheets, and listening to classical music. You will usually see various incentives up on the walls to motivate my students in a fun way. Last year, my studio loved participating in the "60 second club" contest (Ask me about this idea!) This fall, I plan to incorporate a lot of music history and appreciation as the main motivator in my studio.

What apps do you use to manage your studio: While I currently have notebooks with everyone's info, I was recently introduced to Evernote and have started exploring it. It could be a great resource in the future!

How to keep in touch with parents: Mostly email. I am planning to incorporate a blog this fall for important announcements/articles/events

Time-management: I think I will be working on this until the last lesson I teach! Since a teacher's work does not end after our last lesson of the day, I find it hard to stop working! For my husband and I, we have to remember to set aside time to put work away and relax. I am also a big list-maker. I am probably one of Post-Its biggest buyers! And I am not afraid to admit I still use a paper planner (it's pretty though!) Virtual planners just don't work for me.

When do you find time to practice: Usually mornings. I immediately get into "wife mode" when I get home at night so it's hard to not want to clean or cook. Weird, I know..

Currently reading: The Talent Code! It has been life-changing!

Do you get enough sleep: Yes, most of the time I do. (no kids yet) My body is pretty quick to shut down when it's time for me to go to bed. On the rough days, I survive with coffee!!

Who else would you like to see answer these questions: Jo Hovind!

Advice: If you never step out, you'll come to the end, looking at a safe but colorless life. If I had not stepped out in many different areas of my life, I would not be leading the life I am leading today. Being that I have the best job in the world and the best family, I'd say that would be pretty sad!


Megan Andzulis (website) enjoys an active career as a music educator and performer in the greater Pensacola area. In addition to teaching piano and flute in her home studio, she serves on the faculty at Olive School of Performing Arts and Gulf Breeze School of Music. She enjoys being a licensed Kindermusik educator in Gulf Breeze as well. She has also served as guest faculty at various summer music camps nationally and internationally.

Megan also enjoys performing in various recitals and concerts throughout Florida, Alabama, Curacao, the Bahamas, and most recently Quebec, Canada.  Mrs. Andzulis currently serves as the principal flutist for the Pensacola Civic Band and keyboardist for the jazz combo, the Majazztics. 
Megan graduated with honors from Pensacola Christan College in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Flute Performance and in 2012 she completed her Master of Science in Music Education. Mrs. Andzulis studied under Dr. Wayne Fritchie, a Juilliard graduate. In addition to music, she enjoys reading biographies and historical books and cooking. She lives in Pensacola with her husband, Victor and her schnauzer, Bond.