Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wendy Wednesday: Rhythm

If you didn't know, the amazing Wendy Stevens will be here at Dollarhide's on Friday, July 25th, presenting 'Stress Free Business Practices' and 'Making Rhythm Fun'. I would love to have as many people as possible join us for this workshop (free to attend, please stay for lunch)!

For the benefit of the few not familiar with her work, for the rest of this month my normal 'Web Wednesday' posts will be 'Wendy Wednesday', where I feature posts or products from her site

Today I am featuring posts about rhythm (a topic Wendy will cover at her workshop, shameless plug):

Have you seen Wendy's Rhythm Cups?

Or her other rhythm products?

You can find International Editions of all of her rhythm books, a Classroom version of Rhythm Menagerie AND a Rhythm Menagerie and Rhythm Manipulations bundle at Wendy's store page

Happy browsing!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Much Better

Closer and closer! Sheet music is browsable again, hooray!

The rest of the showroom is coming together, as well. *WHEW*

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wendy Stevens Workshop: If you would like to attend from out of town

I have received a few emails from teachers outside of the area who are interested in attending Wendy's July 25th workshop. To refresh your memory on the details:

Workshop Date: Friday, July 25th
Location: Dollarhide's Music Center, Pensacola FL
Time: Registration, 8:15; Workshop begins at 8:45
Cost: Free! There is no charge for attending the workshop. And make certain to stay and join us for a luncheon afterwards.
Topics: Stress-free Business Practices for Your Studio, and Making Rhythm Fun

Most of the teachers I've heard from have been asking about hotel accommodations, so I thought I would put this into a post. We are not affiliated with any of these properties in any way.

Since our store is smack dab in the middle of our downtown's historic district, there are a lot of charming hotels and bed and breakfast type of places nearby. I will list some value-level options first - those will be further away from the store, but don't count out the hotels near downtown! Their rates were (surprisingly) very close to the rates for a value stay.

I did try to find out what rates were and list them. If you choose to stay longer than the night of July 24th (which is a Thursday), your rate will almost certainly increase for a weekend stay. I'm sure some of these places might have some sort of package rate, if you decide to stay longer. Since we are a beach town, rates are a bit higher than they would be other times of the year. There are lots of lovely things to do in the area! Perhaps that will be another post.

There are other lodging options than the one listed below, obviously, but my goal here was lodging in good areas of town, either close to the store or close to the interstate. There are obviously tons of lodging options on the beaches, but I left those out. If you are interested in the beach, let me know and I can make some recommendations.

Best Western Plus Blue Angel Inn - Rates start at $104 for night of July 24th. Distance from hotel to store is 12 miles (most of it interstate). 

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Pensacola W I-10 - Rates starting at $117 for night of July 24th. Distance from hotel to store is 12 miles (most of it interstate).

Hampton Inn Pensacola Airport - Room rates starting at $144 for night of July 24th. Distance from hotel to store is 5.5 miles. This isn't really convenient for anyone that isn't flying in, and I can't imagine anyone doing so, but I wanted to list it as an option.

Residence Inn Downtown Pensacola - current listed rate for night of July 24 is $169. Distance to store is 1.5 miles.

Crown Plaza Pensacola Grand - historic hotel, a former train station. Rates for night of July 24th $145 and up (discount for booking early, though). Distance from hotel to store is 0.7 mile.

Sole Inn and Suites - modern and updated property in the heart of downtown. Current rates for night of July 24th is $109 to $149. Distance to store is 0.3 mile.

New World Landing: The Inn - a boutique hotel. Must call for rates. Distance to store is 0.4 mile.

Lee House Bed and Breakfast Inn - lovely bed and breakfast downtown. Rates start at $195/night. Distance to store is 0.6 mile.

Pensacola Victorian Bed and Breakfast - charming bed and breakfast in a beautiful Victorian home. Rates from $85 to $125. Distance to store is 0.5 mile.

Noble Manor Bed and Breakfast - lovely Victorian bed and breakfast. Current room rates listed between $145 and $160 for the night of July 24th. Distance to store is 0.9 miles.

More about the workshop:

Wendy Stevens, from, will present:

Stress-free Business Practices for your Studio

Come explore how these business practices can significantly contribute to stress-free teaching and living. Learn how to fight against dangerous narratives that we unknowingly believe and that keep us from making good business decisions. If you have ever felt that you might be overworked, don’t make enough money, have abused makeup policies, or are just tired of teaching, come learn how some simple, solid practices can save your sanity!

Topics will include: setting reasonable rates, creating a consistent income stream, regular price increases, taking time off without losing income, makeup lessons, communicating new policies without a revolt, dealing with the over-scheduled student, and fixing various vexing problems!

Making Rhythm Fun!

Learn how Rhythm Menagerie and Rhythm Manipulations can ignite the learning process for rhythm in both elementary, junior high, and high school students. Tips on teaching group lessons, motivating different age groups, and other useful ideas will be presented. Be ready to get on your feet and have some fun with your fellow teachers while learning valuable insights into teaching rhythm to your elementary, pre-teen, and teenage students.

**We are in no way affiliated with any of these properties.

Getting there

Greetings, all! I apologize for my absence and for abandoning my posting schedule...but the wonderful news is that we are getting there! We have carpet in the showroom, new drywall, new paint. It's still a crazy mess in here, but it's slowly coming together.

Today, I will put the sheet music department back is a picture of how it looks at the moment:

Hopefully, by the end of the day today, it will be back as it should be and I can find things again.

There are no words for how grateful I am to the Dollarhides, the store owners, for keeping me working throughout all of this. I work for some amazing people, you guys. Seriously.

I'm going to try to resume my normal posting schedule this week, with 'try' being the operative word. If not, regular posting will resume next week. Thanks for the words of support and kindness - we appreciate it!

Friday, May 9, 2014

How I Work: Kerri Turner

Kerri is an amazing musician and incredible teacher, and I am fortunate to be able to count her among my good personal friends. She is so passionate about what she does. And is raising two absolutely adorable boys! She is another person that stays so busy yet is so accomplished, and I'm so happy to discover how she works. 

My name is Kerri Turner, and this is how I work. 

Bio: Kerri Turner is a classically trained pianist and Nationally Certified Teacher of Music. She loves to play around with jazz, hymns, and other styles of music. She has taught piano for over 16 years to children and adults of all ages with the last five exclusively in Milton, Florida. She is currently working on creating her own music through improvising, arranging, and continues regular piano practice studying works by her favorite composers.

Kerri Turner attended the University of North Texas and graduated from Texas A & M University Kingsville (1996) with a Bachelor of Music in Music Performance and Arkansas State University (1998) with a Masters degree in Piano Performance. Her teachers over the years have included Dana Warren, William A. Murphy, Nina Drath, Dr. Jan B. Drath, and Dr. J.D. Kelly. She has also participated in numerous masterclasses with well-known pianists, competed in the World Piano Competition and Victoria Young Artists Competition, and performed at the Centre Fazioli in Paris, France for the Cours d'Interpretation Pour Pianistes.

Kerri Turner was an Instructor of Music at Arkansas State University for 5 years where she taught group piano for music and non-music majors, applied piano, music fundamentals, music appreciation, and maintained an independent studio for adults and school-aged children. She has also taught at Mississippi County Community College, Pensacola Junior College, and Olive Baptist Church School of Performing Arts and has served as accompanist for a number of churches, ensembles, musicals, student musicians, and professionals in Texas, Arkansas, and Florida.

Kerri Turner belongs to many professional organizations including Music Teacher’s National Association, Florida State Music Teacher’s Association, and the Pensacola Music Teacher’s Association where she holds the office of President for 2013-2015 and FSMTA Vice President for Membership. She is also a member of Federation Clubs of Music and the Pensacola Center Representative for the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. Her students participate in a wide variety of events through these associations where they receive highly complimentary remarks and praise from renowned judges.

Kerri Turner is married to Chris Turner and they have an eight year old boy and a toddler! She enjoys reading, taking care of her two dogs, Mandolin and Alvin, gardening, playing guitar, and going to the beach with friends.

Your Location: Milton/Bagdad, FL
Jobs You Hold: Piano Teacher, Church Pianist for Olive Baptist Church, Studio Recording Artist, Wife of a math Professor and Mother of two very active boys.  These are not necessarily in order!
What is your studio setup?  My studio is set-up with a beautiful 6 foot Kawai grand, Roland RD-300GX Keyboard, computer, printer, and a bookshelf chocked full of music.  Right around the corner is my "technology lab" that is undergoing a make-over this summer.  I'm converting full-fledged to an iPad Piano Studio with computer software to enhance the private lesson.  I  do group lessons throughout the year which build performance skills and camaraderie between students.  Not only do I have a thriving group of school aged students, but I am so fortunate to have a wonderful group of adult students! I also have a purple wall  adorned with different artwork and a funky zebra chair.  I use my ZOOM  and Roland CD/SD recorder for high quality recording and burning CD's instantly.

Devices you use in your studio: I use my iPad, a flying saucer-looking metronome, and a paper poster board that tracks memory "stars."  I still use my old CD player and stereo unit and speakers for listening. (My tape deck is from the 6th grade and still works quite well!)  I love to use YouTube and to download the latest songs for my students.

What apps, software or other tools do you use to manage your studio? I've started using Moosic Studio App to manage my studio.  I can also email student assignments and videos on this app.  I'm still a paper and pen gal for the most part…….post-it notes and notebooks.  
How do you keep your students and their families informed between lessons? I do have a website and studio Facebook account, but I prefer to email and text.  
What is your best time-management tip? I may be better suited to answer this question after my toddler starts preschool in the fall!
When/how do you find time to practice? Uh…..well, it is quite difficult right now I must admit.  If I'm not teaching, I'm chasing after a two year old.  When I can, I may get 10 minutes to work on a couple measures.  It is very frustrating right now, but I have to remember that my music will always be there, my child will not always be two.
What are you currently reading? I started watching this BBC show called Kurt Wallander and found out about the books behind the show.  So right now I'm reading Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell.  I started reading a book about Abigail Adams, spurned on by another mini-series.
What is your sleep routine/do you get enough sleep?  Sleep?!??  HA! I usually go to bed around 11:30 and get up around 7.  I start teaching at 7:30
Is there someone else you would like to see answer these questions?  Stephanie Womble
What is the best advice you’ve ever received?  Join MTNA.  I've been a member for 16 years and it has had an extreme impact on me as a teacher and pianist.   Quit giving make-up lessons. (Wendy Stevens!)

Kerri mentioned that her favorite music is "classical piano and orchestral music, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and 80's metal bands!", which absolutely made my morning. Let's grab a drink sometime, girl. 

And a last note from Kerri: "I would like to reccomend my favorite conference, SMU-IPT (Southern Methodist University-Institute for Piano Teachers).

I have been attending this conference in Dallas on and off for 15+ years and this year is going to be very exciting!!  The theme is "The Creative Piano Teacher" and faculty includes Forrest Kinney, Mona and Richard Rejino, Leila Viss, Brad Sowash, and Kristin Yost. The dates are July 8-11, 2014.  I can't wait!!!"

Thanks so much, Kerri, for sharing! If you would like to read more of this series, check out our previous two 'How I Work' posts: