Friday, May 21, 2010

NFMC Piano Solo Event: Pre-Primary and Primary Classes I through IV

These are not ALL the titles in the Pre-Primary and Primary classes, these are only the titles that have sample page/pages available to view online. For a complete listing of titles, refer to your Federation Bulletin. Click the title to see a sample page:

Pre-Primary Class

Matt, My Cat, Jane Bastien, Kjos, #WP1121

The Woodpecker SongStanley the Skunk or Lucy, the Lovely Loon from collection "All Creatures Great... But Small", Melody Bober, FJH, , #FJH1640

Cheerful Chimes, Elizabeth Greenleaf, FJH, #W9323

Dancing Drums, Joyce Grill, Alfred, #25474

The Thing That is Under My Bed, Bernadine Johnson, Alfred, #24529

Brooklyn's Waltz, Phillip Keveren, Hal Leonard, #00296698

Summer Haze or Time to Boogie from collection "A Leaf Collection", Mary Leaf, FJH, , #FJH1713

Big Black Bear, Carol Matz, Alfred, #32830

Taco Fiesta, Martha Mier, Alfred, #27600

The Leaf and the Bird, June Montgomery, Alfred, #25921

The Llama, Judith Strickland, FJH, #W9326

Primary Class I

Rainy Days Are Special, Jane Bastien, Kjos, #WP1134

New Orleans Jamboree, Bill Boyd, Hal Leonard, #00296788

Cloud Painting or The Not So Nice Ice from collection "Look What I Can Do!", Reed Burkholder, FJH, , #FJH1634

Leapfrog, Robert Donahue, Schaum, #50-25

Mr. Cat, Pat Heldman Johnson, FJH, #S4165

Pumpkin Patch, Rebecca Lewis, Alfred, #32836

Kokopelli's Flute or Spider Vs. Fly from collection "My Kind of Music Book 1", Kevin Olson, FJH, , #FJH1703

Feelin' Happy, Mona Rejino, Hal Leonard, #00296741

Rustic Dance or Monkeys in the Trees from collection "Stories in Sound Book 1, "Valerie Roth-Roubos, FJH, , #FJH1686

Big Green Frog, Carolyn Setliff, Hal Leonard, #00416702

Primary Class II

Thundering Drums, Anita Brandon, FJH, #S4146

Jazzy!, Kevin Costley, FJH, #W9216

Mischevious Monkeys, Elizabeth Greenleaf, FJH, #W9336

Medieval Pageant, Mary Hauber, Alfred, #24470

Ogg (The Caveman), Edwin McLean, FJH, #W9318

Mystery at Blackwater Creek, Martha Mier, Alfred, #31958

The Acrobat, Carolyn Miller, Hal Leonard, #00416780

Unicorn Ride, Kristeen Polhamus, Schaum, #52-55

Race Cars! or Squeaky Wheels from collection "Travel Tunes", Valerie Roth Roubos, FJH, #FJH1597

Earthworm Do-Si-Do or A Single Star from collection Outside My Window, Carolyn Setliff, Hal Leonard, #00416731

Twister, Wendy Stevens, Hal Leonard, #00296774

Primary Class III

Sunrise at San Miguel, Ronald Bennett, Hal Leonard, #00416779

Cloudy Waltz, Reed Burkholder, FJH, from collection "Best Liked Solos", #FJH1523

Rolling Rocks, Reed Burkholder, FJH, from collection "Best Liked Solos", #FJH1523

Monarch Mountain, Kevin Costley, FJH, from collection "Snapshots", #FJH1480

Big Foot Returns, Kevin Costley, FJH, from collection "Snapshots", #FJH1480

Un Poco Espanol, Lee Evans, FJH, from collection "Color Me Jazz Book 1", #FJH2018

Jam Session, Lee Evans, FJH, from collection "Color Me Jazz Book 1", #FJH2018

Camel Ride, Jaime Jones, Hal Leonard, #00296740

Checkers, Carol Klose, Hal Leonard, #00296692

Diamonds in the Sky, Nancy Lau, FJH, #W9333

Wild Robot, Jennifer Linn, Hal Leonard, #00296662

Starry Night, Carol Matz, Alfred, #27599

Tambourine Dance, Martha Mier, Alfred, #25923

The Dancing Bears, Carolyn Miller, Hal Leonard, #00416803

Fiesta de Seville, Catherine Rollin, Alfred, #32833

Feelin' Good!, Robert Vandall, Alfred, #30582

Primary Class IV

Locomotive, Melody Bober, FJH, #W9299

Arabesque, Ann Buys, Kjos, #WP1130

The Grand Canyon OR Plaza Del Toros from collection 'Around the World in 88 Keys Book 2', Ted Cooper, Alfred, #24434

Buffalo Stampede, W.T. Garcia, Alfred, #31954

Bridge to Forever, Diance Hidy, Kjos, #MP1011

Allegro Fantastico, Carol Matz, Alfred, #28195

Ghost Waltz, Edwin McLean, FJH, #W9335

The Race Car, Carolyn Miller, Hal Leonard, #00416781

Pagoda Bells, Mona Rejino, Hal Leonard, #00296759

The Knight's Tale, Catherine Rollin, Alfred, #24531

Summer Dream OR Whirlpools OR Winter Night from collection 'Celebrated Lyrical Solos Book 2, Robert Vandall, Alfred, #29178

Updated: 9/29/2010


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