Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Web Wednesday: Music Matters Blog

Today's feature from around the web is Music Matters Blog, created and maintained by Natalie Wickham, a very active and imaginative independent piano teacher in Kansas.

Music Matters is chock-full of wonderful resources. For example, she live-blogged the MTNA conference - check her index post for a listing of the sessions she attended, then click on the session title for photos and notes.

Ms. Wickham thoughtfully categorizes her blog posts in a coherent and accessible way, making it easy to look around. She has posted on every imaginable pertinent topic, from studio policy and business matters to some amazing teacher resources, including how to make your own scale blocks (check out the scale blocks - there are SO many concepts they can teach!), and then ideas for their use. Make sure you have time to sit and read when you visit the site, though - there is a lot to see!

Happy browsing!

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