Friday, June 21, 2013

2014-2016 NFMC Piano Solo Event - Pre-Primary and Primary Classes

This is clearly a work in progress, but I'll continue updating as I have more information and as more samples become available. Please refer to your Federation Bulletin for more information.

08/07 ETA: More audio tracks
09/14 ETA: FJH samples

Pre-Primary Class:

Extra Special Day, Carolyn Miller, Hal Leonard, #HL00416896

Greedy Goblins or A Spooky Halloween or  The Piano Playing Skeleton, from collection 'Halloween at it's Best Book 1, Elizabeth Greenleaf, FJH, #FJH2153

My Pretty Flowers or Raindrops Falling or Grasshopper Parade, from collection 'Scenes from My Window', Claudette Hudelson, FJH, #FJH2106

October Moonlight, Jeanne Costello, FJH, #P2009

Perky Turkey, Ladonna Weston, Schaum, #52-24

A Rainbow in the Sky, Jeanne Costello, FJH, #P2011

Rope Swing or Spooky Secrets, from collection 'Attention Grabbers, Book 1', Diane Hidy, Kjos, #MP166

Turkey Talk, Kevin Costley, FJH, #W9349

Zoo on a Saturday, Mary Leaf, FJH, #W9339

Primary Class I:

Barnyard Strut (listen), Glenda Austin, Hal Leonard, #HL00416850

Bubble Blues, Ladonna Weston, Schaum, #52-25

Ice Skating or Up Against the Clock, from collection 'Year Round Fun Book 1', Kevin Costley, FJH, #FJH2129

It's a Mystery (listen), Melody Bober, Alfred, # 36162

Johann the Cat, Mary Leaf, FJH, #W9360

Monday Mornin' Blues or Tooth Fairy, from collection 'Just for Kids', Mona Rejino, Hal Leonard, # HL00296840

The Perceptive Detective, Carolyn Miller, Hal Leonard, #HL00416933

Pirate Song or Wizard in the Tower or The Knights of Young King Arthur, from collection 'Succeeding at the Piano, Recital Book Grade 1', Kevin Olson, FJH, #FJH2153 (no sample at this time)

Pyramid Power (listen), Wynne-Anne Rossi, Alfred, # 34299

Runaway Pumpkin or Halloween Boo!, from collection 'Halloween at it's Best, Book 1', Elizabeth Greenleaf, FJH, #FJH2153

A Scary Sound, Timothy Brown, FJH, #W9389

Spunky Spooks, Ladonna Weston, Schaum, #52-20

Things That Go Bump In the Night (listen), Carol Klose, Hal Leonard, # HL00296868

Primary Class II:

The Bamboo Forest, Catnip Crazy or Mousehunt or Shanghai Express, from collection 'Four Miniature Suites', Valerie Roth Roubos, FJH, #FJH093

Bat That Ball (listen), Wynne-Anne Rossi, Alfred, # 39432

Bubble Blues (listen) or Pandas on Parade (listen) or Trumpet Fanfare (listen) or Who Has Seen the Wind (listen), from collection 'Myklas Contest Winners Book 1', Alfred, # 37330

Chimichanga Cha-Cha (listen), Jennifer Linn, Hal Leonard, # HL00296830

Bossa Nova Rag or Calypso Rag or Lazy Blues, from collection 'Jazz Styles, Level 1', John Revezoulis, Schaum, #03-31

Let's Go On Vacation or Pepperoni Pizza, from collection 'Just for Kids', Mona Rejino, Hal Leonard, # HL00296840

The Sun Comes Up, Timothy Brown, FJH, #W9338

Primary Class III:

Alma del tango or Machu Picchu, from collection 'Musica Latina Book 1', Wynne- Anne Rossi, Alfred, # 39391

Caprice a la Cart (listen), Dennis Alexander, Alfred, # 32831

Drifting Sunset Clouds, Randall Hartsell, Hal Leonard, # HL00416819

A Ghostly "Tail" or Pumpkin Dance, from collection 'Halloween at it's Best, Book 2', Kevin Olson and Timothy Brown, FJH, #FJH2154

Harmony Rag (listen) or Stomping Five (listen), from collection 'Celebrated Jazzy Solos Book 1', Robert Vandall, Alfred# 32784

Mini Toccata, Eric Baumgartner, Hal Leonard, # HL00416878

Noche del Gitano (listen), Ted Cooper, Alfred, # 37103

PBJ Blues, Carol Klose, Hal Leonard, # HL00102595

Ready for Ragtime (listen), Melody Bober, Alfred, # 38994

Softly Whisper, Kevin Costley, FJH, #W9384

Un Poco Espanol or Awesome, from collection 'Color Me Jazz, Book 1', Lee Evans, FJH, #FJH2018

Primary Class IV:

Alley Cat Caper, Hannah Cruse, Hal Leonard, # HL00296835

Amen Corner (listen) or Super Sleuth (listen), from collection 'Celebrated Jazzy Solos Book 2', Robert Vandall, Alfred # 32785

Baia de Botafogo (listen) or  Feugo de la pasion (listen) or Desierto de Atcama (listen), from collection 'Musica Latina - Book 2', Wynne-Anne Rossi, Alfred # 39401

A Bit Ragged, Ross Petot, Kjos, # WP1152

Footprints in the Snow, Jennifer Linn, Hal Leonard, # HL00296854

The Great Cathedral (listen) or Spooky Games (listen), from collection 'David Carr Glover's Favorite Solos - Book 2', David Carr Glover, Alfred, # 34108

Harvest Festival (listen), Martha Mier, Alfred, # 38997

Lazy Daisy (listen) or Raggin' Around or Sneakin' Cake, from collection 'Blues, Jazz, Rock & Rags - Book 1', Jennifer & Mike Watts, Hal Leonard, # HL00296849

Pavane (listen), Eugenie Rocherolle, Hal Leonard, # HL00296913

Reflections on the Thames (listen), Fran Toney Young, Alfred# 39435

Remember Last Summer or The Tennessee Traveler, from collection 'Bravissimo! Book 2', Timothy Brown, FJH, #FJH2131

Riverboat Jazz (listen), Martha Mier, Alfred, # 34304

Staccato Strut (listen), Dennis Alexander, Alfred, # 36166

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Thank you for the piano samples for the primary levels! It makes ordering so much easier. Looking forward to the elementary level next.